Hong Lock Kei is a traditional board game played by striking a plain counter to make other counters fall into pockets.

Touch the White counter.

(The circles will flash).

Drag the white counter to a flashing circle on your side.

Touch the screen in place where you wanter the counter to go.


The board has been well reproduced but the counters stay on the table and the pockets are ruthless.


Shooting takes three steps.

1. Drag the white counter to a flashing circle.

2. Lift your finger and don't touch the iPad.

3. touch the iPad in the direction you want the counter to go.

The longer the dotted line the harder the shot.


While the iPad keeps track of when to award two shots. It does not keep track of whose shot it is. This adds some flexibility to the game and allows additional rules to be created.

In Hong Kong each district seems to have its own rules of play.



Although this is a two person game we have included a clock that records the time taken to clear the counters.