Metiorians (in review)

Defend the Earth from meteorites that kidnap people. Shoot the meteorites before they hit the ground in the classic Missile Command style.


康樂棋Lite (Hong Lok Kei)

A traditional Hong Kong board game. It is similar to pool or snooker, in that a cue counter is struck by a cue(stick).

Follows the traditional game quite closely, with changes for fluidity only.

One major aspect of the physical game is the banter and heated discussions that occur whilst playing. This is a major element we wanted to have in our digital version. 


3 Little Pigs

Reading to children is awesome. Characters voices can be made as loud or as silly as possible. This app aims to facilitate a story that can change with each telling.

New words appear as the characters and objects are touched which can then be incorporated into the story telling. Objects can be moved around and houses are built and blown down.



CCS Events

As a parent it is important to keep track of school events. When is the next holiday or sports day? What about parents day?

This app groups the events so only the next event of each type is shown after a button press.

There is also a complete calendar of all events, and the ability to customise each days routine.